17 Pictures of Medium Length Hair in Layers That Will Inspire Your New Haircut

Check out these beautiful medium-length layered haircuts.

Get inspired with these medium length layered haircuts.


Have you been struggling with what to do with your hair? Well, if you have a little hair to play with then medium length hair in layers is always a safe choice.

There are so many layered looks to choose from that will do their job to frame your face and keep your hair looking fresh and healthy. So, if you’re looking for some major #HairInspo then take a look at these 17 photos that will have you booking your next salon appointment ASAP.

Here are our fave styles featuring medium length hair in layers:

Wavy Layers With A Straight Part


These beautiful wavy layers are like candy to our eyes. The straight part creates equal volume on both sides of the head, which will keep your beautiful smile in focus.

This is definitely a look you can rock anytime and anywhere. It’s sweet, soft, but with a little pomade and a lot of attitude, you can make this cut edgy AF.

Waterfall Layers


These waterfall layers fall so nicely on the shoulders and chest. This medium hair in layers look is ideal because it’s not overwhelming long, but when hot can still be thrown up into a pony.

According to Los Angeles-based style blogger, Ana Roberts, founder of Top Trends Guide, stylish wavy layers can be an effortlessly chic French-inspired style that can show off your sexy and feminine side. “If you have thicker hair, flowing waves offer the care-free and stunning look that has been trending.”

Try this look if you want a style that’s fresh, clean, and doesn’t require too much maintenance in the morning.

Highlighted Layers

Love Hairstyles

When you pair highlighter with medium length hair in layers, you’re guaranteed a winning look every time.

The blonde highlights on this look create emphasis on the layered cut, creating even more texture. Through some pomade in it to make it piecey for an even bolder look.

Thinned Out Layers


This thinned out layered look is total punk rock. The top of the head is thick and full of body and as the layers make their way to the bottom of the length, they are thinned.

This thinning bottom look creates a unique shape that is total rock ‘n roll. All you need now is a nose ring and a guitar.

Subtle Layers

Be Trendsetter

This subtle layer cut is super classy. So, if you want to be taken seriously in the workplace, this is the style for you.

To style this look, simply brush a round brush through it while your blow-drying and you’ll be able to create natural-looking body and waves that will turn heads…in the best way possible.

Thick Layers

Nichole Ciotti

This style works best for women who already have naturally thick hair. Layers oftentimes can thin out a person’s hair, so if you’re looking for thick layers, like these, you better have some hair to work with!

The thick layered cut looks good on everyone. And, is super versatile. Throw it up in a pony or keep it down and texture it with some spray. The possibilities are endless.

Short and Long Mixed Layers

The Right Hairstyles

The short and long mixed layers look is ideal for the girl who usually wears her hair down. Having a mix of layers gets tricky if you want to do anything intricate such as braiding or other special styles.

If you want a look that is simple and you don’t have to think about every day, then this is the one for you.

Soft Layers

Her Interest

Soft layers are a great option for a round face. They do their job to frame the face with natural curves to create a girly and feminine look.

Pair this cut with a pink dress, a bow, and some cowgirl boots for a super sweet and innocent look.

Blonde Layers

Hairs London

We just love these blonde layers! They’re a great length, hitting at the top of the back. And, the amount of texture that comes with them allows thinner hair to look much thicker.

All you need is your go-to product to run the ends to create a piecey look. Afterward, try to twist the ends of the hair with your fingers for even more texture and flair.

Angled Layers

Krazzy Fashion

This angled layer look is amazing on women with oval-shaped faces. The side-swept bang does its job to create an asymmetrical angle to help balance and soften a long face.

Though we do love this look, it’s important to remember that bangs are a full-time job! So, if you don’t have time in your morning routine to properly style them, then pick another medium length hair in layers look.

Short Front Layers

The Right Hairstyles

We are kind of low-key obsessed with this look. The short front layers mixed with longer layers on the side create a shape that is to-die-for.

This is not a look you can toss into a bun unless you want pieces sticking out. So, this is for the girl who loves to leave her hair down.

Twisted Layers

Hairstyles Weekly

Twisted layers are gorgeous on everyone. The soft twists are created with the natural curve of the layers and a little bit of product.

This cut is ideal for anyone in a business work environment as it looks classy and put-together.

Natural Layers

The Right Hairstyles

This natural layer look features long layers that do not compromise the thickness of the hair. It proves to us that you can have body and layers at the same time. Who knew?

It’s also a great style that is easily maintained and can be thrown up in a pony for the gym.

Long Front Layers


This bob-like cut does its job to frame the front of the face with long layers. The shorter layers in the back, also help to draw attention to the front of the face, plus it keeps your neck cool in the hot summer months.

The style is definitely Kate Plus 8 inspired. So, it’s obviously the perfect cut for a busy girl.

Shoulder-Length Layers

The Right Hairstyles

Shoulder-length layers are ideal for someone who wants to show off their healthy hair, without going overboard.

The medium-length hair in layers look is suitable for anyone. It’s simple and fresh, and it really doesn’t take too much to throw this look together before your morning coffee.

Layers With Blunt Bangs

Marie Claire

Layers paired with blunt bangs is always a solid choice for a cut. The blunt bangs balance out the layers creating two completely different textures in one simple look.

This cut looks even better when paired with a cute headscarf or headband. Try a floral print or tye-dye print for a signature look people will want to steal.

Side-Swept Layers

Bellami Hair

This short side-swept layered look is one of our favorites because it looks so god damn classy. This is the look that will definitely get you that promotion- not because it’s attractive, but because you’ll feel so confident rockin’ it.

Pair this with a tight dress for a night out, or a cute skirt suit for a day at the office. You’ll look good and feel great no matter what you wear with this cut.

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